An Innovative Syllabus

Opportunity Education is now offering digital learning materials for Form 1 and Form 2 to Tanzanian secondary schools, teachers and students. These materials cover the required 9 subjects of the Tanzania National Syllabus, and were developed by Tanzanian secondary school teachers and university lecturers, using the Quest Forward methodology and publishing platform.

The syllabus is available on Android tablet computers, computers and coming soon to mobile phones.

Quests for the Form 3 syllabus will become available soon!




























Quest Forward Learning in ActionMtakuja Secondary School, Moshi

Form 1 students at Mtakuja Secondary School have been studying all of their subjects using quests, accessing them on their Android tablets. Teachers there have been trained as Quest Forward mentors, and offer some of the most student-centric learning available in Tanzania today.

Students work independently on quests, using digital resources available to them on their tablets. Mentors offer feedback at regular quest “check-ins.” Students also work in pairs or groups to deepen their knowledge and skills through peer feedback and encouragement.

NGL is transforming our academic life at Mtakuja Secondary School! Our students learning through NGL are filled with curiosity, captivation and confidence as they engage in their learning. I see great potential in these students!

Emmanuel Lyatuu, Headmaster

Through NGL, we are seeing our students developing a mastery and deep comprehension of subjects and growing in their critical thinking skills. The students I mentor feel very empowered in their learning and growth. As a teacher, I am excited for their futures!

Boaz Msechu, Mentor

NGL quests are inspiring me to learn and grow as I chase the dreams and goals that I have for my life. I have discovered how much I love learning!

Aisha Hassan, Form 1 Student

Requirements for Implementing Quest Forward Learning

Opportunity Education provides Quest Forward Learning, the Form 1 and Form 2 syllabi (and soon Form 3 and Form 4 as well), access to its software, and teacher training free of charge to qualifying schools.

Participating schools provide a project leader, training time for their teachers on a bi-weekly basis and during term breaks, and purchase suitable Android tablets and charging stations.

Contact us below for more information about using Quest Forward Learning in your school.

Quest Designers and Mentors

Opportunity Education Foundation Tanzania has trained a team of highly qualified secondary school teachers, university lecturers and subject matter experts as quest designers and mentors. Quest designers create the materials used in classrooms, while mentors use these quests with their students.

  1. English
  2. History
  3. Kiswahili
  4. Mathematics
  5. Chemistry
  6. Biology
  7. Physics
  8. Civics
  9. Geography
  1. Boaz Msechu

  2. Daniel Ojala

  3. Anthony Achondo

  4. Clotilda S. Tarimo

  1. Rahabu Kimaro

  2. Justine Leverani

  3. Dolphine Malole

  4. Lidya Ndosi

  1. Daniel Ambrose

  2. Neema Kiwia

  3. Salum Manjoti

  4. Emmanuel Mrema

  5. Anton Ngonyani

  1. Priscus Assenga

  2. Mfano Charles

  3. Willbald Mvungi

  4. Alfred Mwijage

  5. Elinami E. Shayo

  1. Christian Bwaya

  2. Memusi Karani

  3. David Laisy

  4. Francis Lusabe

  1. Rehema Jastus

  2. Leveri Mlaki

  3. Godbless Msami

  4. Sayuni Nasari

  5. Juma Selemani

  1. Alpher Emmanuel

  2. Gadiel Masuki

  3. Godbless Mosha

  4. Vicent Mosori

  5. Sisawia E. Mushi

  6. Baraka Samwel

  1. Mussa Challa

  2. Glory Lyatuu

  3. Stephen Massawe

  1. Peter Edward

  2. Amos Mchomvu

  3. Israel Musali

  4. Joseph Ndosa

Opportunity Education Foundation Tanzania

Opportunity Education Foundation Tanzania is headquartered in Moshi, in the Kili Hub at Majengo-Moshi.

The OEF team manages three important programs: the Quest Forward Learning program for secondary schools, our Sister School Program, and the Opportunity Education’s Primary Program, focused on providing learning materials for primary schools across Tanzania.

  1. Eligrania Lema

    Quest Design Coordinator

  2. Leveri Mlaki

    Mentor Teacher

  3. Daniel Mlambo

    Program Director

  4. Fredy Mollel

    Mentor Teacher

  5. Martin Russell

    Country Director

  6. Mary Modest

    Office Manager

Contact Us to Learn More

To learn more about Quest Forward Learning, how it can transform learning in your school, and to discuss a possible implementation, please contact us as follows.

Opportunity Education Foundation
Tanzania Kili Hub

P.O. Box 7402

Moshi, Tanzania

+255 758 580 520

+255 782 484 381​