Research Associate (Full Time)

We are seeking a full-time, Research Associate to join our Research and Evaluation team.

Our team is small, collaborative, driven, and dedicated to our organization’s bold goals for innovative education globally. As a qualified candidate, you will:

  • Have a PhD in learning sciences or a related field or a Master’s degree and 3-5 years of experience relevant to education.

  • Have 3+ years experience designing and conducting original mixed-methods research or evaluations.

  • Have experience designing and implementing educational programs or technologies.

  • Specialize in 21st century skills and design of innovative assessments.

  • Be eager to seek out and summarize existing research and related educational programs and evaluate the practices and learning outcomes of NGL users.

  • Be respectful, thoughtful and curious.

  • Be able to travel to the DC-area every three months.

  • Work well remotely, as well as communicate often with a small, collaborative team.

  • Be comfortable with and committed to working in a non-academic research setting.


We strongly prefer you to be located in Pittsburgh, PA, but we will consider well-qualified applicants in Omaha, NE and the San Francisco/Bay Area.


  • Skills and Assessments: You will seek out and summarize existing research and programs related to 21st century skills and innovative assessment tools. You’ll help develop a skills framework for NGL and related assessment tools. These tools may include portfolios, performance-tasks, rubrics, digital badges, etc. You’ll provide recommendations to the OE team on how to improve the products, implementation, curriculum, and trainings as it relates to skills and assessments.

  • Evaluation: You will collaboratively carry out a mixed methods evaluation program for NGL to collect feedback to improve NGL products, curriculum, implementations, and training and to measure learning outcomes. You’ll develop surveys and other evaluation instruments and assess the reliability and validity of them. You’ll collaborate with the design team to run A/B tests, specifically for new features related to skills and assessments. You’ll train other team members and users to conduct evaluations, as well as collect and analyze data yourself.

  • Communicate Findings: An important part of your role will be to communicate research and evaluation findings and to make recommendations that inform NGL learning methodology, training, products, curriculum, and implementations. You’ll summarize findings in research briefs and evaluation reports,  occasionally blog about your work, and present at workshops and conferences.

  • Communication: Our team is distributed across the US.. Frequent, pro-active, and clear communication is essential to this role. You’ll communicate with your colleagues daily via Slack and Google Hangouts, and will have several virtual meetings per week set aside for collaboration and catching up on progress. You’ll use other tools such as Trello to collaborate on projects, track tasks, and ensure everyone is on the same page. You’ll regularly provide feedback on projects other team members are working on and collaborate with our team to continuously improve our processes.

  • Travel: You must be able to meet with the NGL team in person every three months for a two- to three-day meeting in the Washington, D.C. area. These meetings are an important time to connect with colleagues, brainstorm user challenges, and get motivated and inspired about our work. The Research and Evaluation team also meets separately when feasible, and the timing and locations of those meetings will be determined after hiring is complete. You will not be responsible for travel costs.

  • Availability: This role requires an average weekly commitment of 15 hours or more, and most work will be done remotely from a location of your choosing. Semester-related fluctuations in availability are expected.

Personal Characteristics

The OE Next Generation Learning team is distributed across various U.S. and overseas locations. To work effectively, you should display the following characteristics:

  • High standard of quality and ability to evaluate your own work critically.
  • Commitment to timeliness and deadlines established by the organization.

  • Intense curiosity about improving how young people learn.

  • Ability to work very efficiently on your own, and know when to reach out and collaborate.

  • Willingness to work productively with interdisciplinary teams.

  • Eagerness to develop and share new ideas.

  • Excel at giving and receiving thoughtful and respectful feedback and critiques.

  • Have strong beliefs, loosely held, about what is best for our products and our end users.

  • Excellent communication skills.


  • A PhD in learning sciences or related field or an M.A. and 3-5 years experience.

  • 3+ years of experience designing and conducting original mixed-methods research.

  • Experience designing and implementing educational programs or technologies.


The Research Associate reports to Director, Research and Evaluation


How to Apply

Please send your resume to