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Learning Never Ends

Education should inspire and nurture the natural curiosity of learners. Quest Forward Learning engages students in an active process of inquiry and discovery. By putting an individual’s needs and interests at the center of the experience, learning becomes more relevant, engaging, and memorable, and provides young people with the skills they need to succeed in a constantly evolving world. Our mission is to introduce a new standard of learning—one student and one quest at a time.

Learning Design Principles

Quest Forward Learning builds on personalized learning projects we call “quests”. A quest defines an exploration of a subject, or an area of practice, or a collaborative project. Quests include activities that learners work through individually or in groups, and each activity provides one or more resources needed for the learner’s work.

Five design principles guide the development of Quest Forward Learning quests. These principles are based on an extensive review of learning science research, insights from educational game theory, and our own hands-on experience with helping young people to develop life skills. The design principles ensure that each and every activity creates opportunities for relevant, active, and engaged learning.

Throughout the quest learning experience, learners build skills and knowledge in five ways:


Learners make observations and offer creative solutions to real-world questions, improving confidence and sharpening problem-solving skills.



In each quest, learners generate one or more artifacts, such as a sketch, a video, or a story. Creating an artifact invites learners to discover alternative means of expressing ideas or opinions.


Quests encourage learners to draw connections between personal experiences and their observations of the world around them.

Learning Social

Social Learning

Since learning is enhanced by interaction, discussion, and social feedback from peers and mentors, each quest builds upon a core set of social skills that invite and encourage teamwork.

Multiple Representations

Quests are immersive experiences that draw on a variety of media, including videos, images, and informative websites to illustrate concepts. Each learner is encouraged to seek out resources that support his or her unique style of learning.

Multiple Representations

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