How Quests Work

Learning that is relevant in any context

Quests engage students in active, experiential learning, which begins by shifting traditional conceptions of the classroom and assignments. In the Quest Forward Learning methodology, teachers shift into the role of mentors, guiding students not to simply seek the right answer, but instead to work on creating their own conclusions. When learners can discover and understand more about themselves and their choices along the learning pathway, they develop the knowledge and skills they need to flourish now and into adulthood.

With quests, learners enter a world that requires them to work together with peers and mentors, think critically, and affect change.


Learners take charge of their own discovery process, selecting small activities from a variety of problem- or topic-based quests. Learners can work on up to six quests at a time and complete them at their own pace.

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Throughout quests, mentors act as trusted advisors to their learners. Although mentors are most often teachers, they can also be more experienced peers or subject-matter experts. Mentors can also create and suggest quests using the QuestMaker™ app.

Peers and Peer Mentors

Research shows that learning is a social experience. As they work to complete quests, learners are encouraged to engage and interact with their peers. After a learner completes a quest, they may serve as mentors by offering support to others.

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Subject Matter Experts

Using QuestMaker™, curriculum experts, teachers, mentors, or anyone knowledgeable about a topic can design and publish quests. Quest-based training resources are available for quest designers to learn how to create quests that engage learners and enable discovery-driven learning.

Technology that Opens New Dimensions of Learning.

Introducing technology into the classroom doesn’t have to be an isolating experience for students. Instead, the Quest! app encourages students to interact and collaborate with each other and with their mentors. Quests can even be done without access to technology at all—the technology simply makes the experience richer and more personalized.

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Quest Multiple Screens

The Quest! App

The Quest! app enables learners to explore topics through a series of short, interdisciplinary activities that activate engagement, deeper exploration, and critical thinking. Learners, mentors, and peers use the app to share artifacts and give each other feedback. The Quest! app is available for the web and on Android™ tablets.

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The QuestMaker App

With the QuestMaker™ app, educators can design, build, and share quests with learners, their schools, and learning communities.

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