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Crowd-Sourced Learning Materials

Quest designers can create quests about any topic, using openly available resources from the Internet or their own. Quests can be written in any language, or can mix languages if needed.

Peer-Reviewed Quests

Teachers and subject-matter experts can submit and share quests, or suggest activities to each other through the QuestMaker™ app. Each quest is peer-reviewed for quality before it is published.

QuestMaker™ makes it easy to submit and share quests without sacrificing quality

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Alignment with Educational Standards

Quest designers can link activities to widely-used educational standards, including the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science standards, and more. QuestMaker™ can support any local, state, or national standards body.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Anyone can create quests with the QuestMaker™ app—no special technical knowledge or software other than a web browser is needed. Training and support materials are available for quest designers and mentors, built of course on the quest-based learning method.

The QuestMaker™ app's simple interface makes creating quests easy for anyone

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