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Relevant Topics and Themes

Learners select their own quests from a wide range of relevant and timely subjects. Activities can be designed by mentors to address current local or global issues.

Self-Directed Learning

Quests are self-paced activities. A single quest can take as little as an hour or as long as several weeks to complete and works differently for each learner based on their learning pace, interests, and level of engagement.

Detailed overviews help students anticipate what they will learn from the Quest

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Topics Screen

Engaging Activities

To complete a quest, learners work through a number of activities and explore the associated resources, like videos, websites, e-books and more. Each quest asks learners to create one or more artifacts that demonstrate deep understanding of the given topic—like an essay, video, or presentation. A quest is only complete once a student can demonstrate mastery of the underlying concept or skill.

Deep Exploration of Concepts

Journeys are collections of quests that guide learners as they explore an idea, consider a problem, or investigate a process. Journeys offer a deeper experience exploration of a theme or skill.

Quest Multiple Screens

Quests help students expand their knowledge in order to excel in the full breadth of the topic

Quest Multiple Screens

Interdisciplinary Learning

Quests encourage meaningful relationships among similar or related topics. They help learners build real-time connections between activities in the app and the world around them.


Throughout quests, learners engage with peers and mentors both in the app and in real-life, giving learners the confidence they need to describe their ideas, engage in meaningful reflection, and share feedback on their work.

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