Research Brief: Personalized Learning

The NGL Research and Evaluation Team conducts research that informs every aspect of NGL - training, curriculum and quest design, implementation, mentoring, and product design. Going forward, we will share more of our research work, and will do so in the form of Research Briefs.

Each of these Briefs will focus on specific problems we’re trying to solve and experiences we’re trying to support. Often, they will summarize the latest trends and research on topics like assessment or personalized learning. Other times, they will focus on specific learner experiences, like self-reflection, or tools, like learner portfolios or badging systems. We use this research to drive the evolution of the NGL learning ecosystem, and to improve the quality and impact of NGL for all of our stakeholders.

Our first Research Brief addresses personalized learning, and you can download it here. If you would like a printed copy, let us know at