About Opportunity Education

In education, business as usual is no longer enough.

We are a diverse team of researchers, engineers, and educators united by a common goal: to equip every young person on the planet with the skills needed to achieve their dreams. We’re leaving behind traditional assumptions about classrooms, homework, and grades and have developed a learning method and platform that will launch the next generation in education.

Our Mission

Established in 2005, Opportunity Education works to improve education for children, and to give them access to relevant and engaging learning opportunities. Today, our mission is to enable young people around the world to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in life and work.

Our Founder, Joe Ricketts

Founder - Joe Ricketts

After more than 35 years as the founder and CEO of Ameritrade, one of the largest online brokerage firms globally, Joe Ricketts is dedicated to improving education globally through the programs offered by Opportunity Education Foundation, a private foundation established and funded by him.

Driven by his passion for education and his belief that technology can empower individuals and communities to determine their own futures, Joe Ricketts applies his entrepreneurial expertise and personal resources to bring engaging, effective, and relevant learning to young persons around the world.

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We teach students how to continue to learn for the rest of their lives.

Joe Ricketts, Founder, Opportunity Education Foundation

The Quest Forward Learning Team

Joe Ricketts has assembled an expert team of researchers, educators, and engineers to develop the tools and curriculum needed to engage and inspire a new generation of learners. Our team brings the deep expertise in active learning curriculum design and development, user experience design, and application development needed to change the business of education globally.

  1. Global Platform Team
  2. USA
  3. Tanzania
  1. The Real Brian Brian

    Brian Chenault

    Lead Engineer, Web Applications

  2. The Real Kevin Kevin

    Kevin Clement

    Lead QA Engineer

  3. The Real Stephanie Dinkmeyer Stephanie Dinkmeyer

    Stephanie Dinkmeyer, M.S.Ed

    Life Skills Learning Designer

  4. The Real Scott Scott

    Scott Firestone

    Engineer, Web Applications

  5. The Real Wesley

    Wesley Magness

    Product Designer

  6. The Real Manuel Manuel

    Manuel Mattke

    Chief Innovation Officer

  7. The Real Claire Claire

    Claire Murray

    Implementation Manager

  8. The Real Glen Glen

    Glen Oliff

    Lead Engineer, Mobile Applications

  9. The Real Justin Justin

    Justin Rhinesmith

    Director, Engineering

  10. Stephanie Liu-Barnes Stephanie

    Stephanie Liu-Barnes

    Director, Product Management

  11. Karen Karen

    Karen Tavenner Acosta

    Quest Review Manager

  12. Jess Jess

    Jessica Vergano

    Director, Design

  13. Jolene Jolene

    Jolene Zywica, PhD

    Director, Research and Evaluation

  1. Shannon Carey

    Lead Quest Designer, English

  2. Rachelle Haynik

    Lead Quest Designer, Mathematics

  3. Christine Jasper, MA

    Director, Project Management

  4. Dana Paquin

    Consulting Director Mathematics Curriculum
    Quest Design

  5. Ray Ravaglia

    Chief Learning Officer
    NGL Academy Board Member

  6. Jeff Scarborough

    Consulting Director Curriculum and Quest Design

  7. Holly Sumner

    Lead Quest Designer
    Social Sciences

  1. Eligrania Lema

    Quest Design Coordinator

  2. Leveri Mlaki

    Mentor Teacher

  3. Daniel Mlambo

    Program Manager

  4. Mary Modest

    Office Manager

  5. Fredy Mollel

    Mentor Teacher

  6. Martin Russell

    OE Country Director

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