Quest Forward is a learning ecosystem built on three core components.

Together, these components enable high school students around the globe to discover knowledge, practice skills, and learn to achieve their goals and dreams.

A methodology for active and engaged learning

Ready-to-use curriculum materials for high school

Mobile and web apps that power learning, mentoring and content development.

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Finding What Works in Learning

Building from a rich body of research and evidence showing that young people learn best through active exploration and deep inquiry, Quest Forward Learning provides learners with personalized learning pathways to develop the skills and knowledge they will need in life.

Our Methodology

Introducing the Quest Experience

Quests move beyond instruction and textbooks, enabling students to observe the world around them, uncover solutions to real problems, and create their own answers to questions about the world in which they live. Quests empower and inspire young people to become engaged observers, lifelong learners and active agents in the world.

How Quests Work
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Tools That Keep Pace With a Changing World

Unlike traditional textbooks that are passive, expensive, and quickly outdated, the QuestMaker app permits educators of all types to create create rich and engaging curricula that remain accurate and relevant with real-time updates. Learners use the Quest! app to complete quests, receive feedback from mentors, comment on each other’s work, and upload their creations, in both offline and online learning environments.

Explore Quest! Explore QuestMaker
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Learning Happens Everywhere

For more than a decade, Opportunity Education has supplied educational materials and support to over 1,700 primary schools, 5,000 teachers, and over 500,000 students worldwide. Quest Forward Learning offers personalized, relevant and engaging learning to high school-age students and adult learners in the USA, Africa and Central America.

About Opportunity Education
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Our Vision for Mentoring

The Quest Forward Vision for Mentors describes how mentors can help young people grow and expand their academic, social, and personal skills.

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Quest Forward Learning changes education for the better, locally and globally.

Dawn L., high school teacher, Pittsburgh, PA